пятница, 23 января 2015 г.

МК Декор Свечи/ Tutorial Candle 7Dots Studio DT

Hi everyone,
I am here today to share a little step by step tutorial About Greece with using Thoughts Keeper paper and Soulmates mask by 7Dots Studio.I hope you like it!
Я подготовила для вас небольшой мастер класс по декору свечи из чудесных материалов  7Dots Studio


Here is video tutorial:

I’ve used:

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  1. Wow Natalya!!!! Seeing a project on my homeland from you is such a pleasure!!! You have captured Greece's spring colours and atmosphere perfectly!!!! Wow wow wow!
    I hope you visit Greece soon and I get to know you in person!!! <3 <3 <3